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Meet Our Staff

From political pioneers and community researchers to policy professionals, our dedicated team of experts is working every day to drive our mission forward and bring our vision to life – that every single person has access to quality, affordable health care.

Our Values

Our values are how we work internally and externally, what we hold up and celebrate, and what we are constantly striving for and aspiring to be as an organization.

  • People-Centered: Everything we do is centered around people: we work to solve the biggest problems in health care by listening, inviting new and different perspectives, and grounding our approach in the people affected by the system. Diverse voices and experiences, inside and outside of USofCare, matter and deserve to be heard. 
  • Culture of Care: Our mission of health and well-being extends to all of our relationships.  We approach our relationships – internally and externally – by recognizing, respecting, and valuing the whole person and we care first about each other’s humanity. We know that part of caring for each other is providing and receiving thoughtful, direct feedback.
  • Innovative Problem Solvers: We tackle big, complicated problems by being innovative, looking for alternative approaches, and adjusting current thinking in new ways. We thrive on finding solutions to challenges and approach them with curiosity, determination and creativity. We collaborate because we know that there is power in the number of minds and diversity of perspectives in tackling big problems. 
  • Adaptability: We know that not everything goes according to plan. We approach our work with flexibility and adaptability by embracing uncertainty, celebrating change, and being excited about the unknown. We balance thoughtful preparation with the need for timely execution.  We believe that being nimble and action-oriented is part of making a real impact. 
  • Accountability: We approach all of our work and partnerships with intentionality and preparedness.  We expect all of our teams and co-workers to contribute fully, take initiative, and appropriately seek input from others.  We believe in teamwork, direct communication, and that we each have a responsibility to support each other to get to the best outcome.

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