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Who We Are

Unite Behind Change

At United States of Care, we are listening to people’s needs, developing policy solutions, and partnering with others to ensure our health care system works for everyone.

Our Mission

To ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care regardless of health status, social need or income.

Our Goal

To expand access to quality, affordable health care in the near term while paving a path to​ward durable, people-centered federal policies that achieve our mission.

Our Vision

We envision a health care system that provides people with high-quality, personalized care that meets their unique needs at a price they can afford. In this improved, easy-to-navigate system, people will know they can depend on their health care coverage throughout life’s changes, and get the care they need, when and how they need it.

Our Values

In order to achieve improved outcomes for people, health care policies must protect people from financial devastation due to illness or injury, be fiscally responsible and achieve the political support necessary to ensure long-term stability.

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Our Approach

We’re pioneering a new approach to drive change that will make a difference in people’s lives.

We believe that in order to have a health care system where everyone can access quality affordable health care, we must start by listening to people and include them at every step of change. From understanding people’s needs, to policy innovation and design, to pushing for change through our state and federal efforts, USofCare is putting people FIRST.

We’re building a better health care system by employing a unique cross-sector approach to prioritizing, creating and advancing policies that meet the needs of people and result in a more equitable health care system.

Andy Slavitt

There is nothing more serious. There’s nothing that has more importance than access to health care in our country.

Andy Slavitt Co-Founder of United States of Care and Board Chair Emeritus

To Improve Health Care, We Need Bipartisan Solutions

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, M.D. and Founder of Grapevine Health, discusses the importance of understanding the challenges of accessibility and affordability, why health care should not be a political issue, and the need for more bipartisan solutions.

2020 Annual Report

When 2020 began, we could have never predicted all that would lie ahead. No one could. We faced a year of a pandemic that’s claimed more than 700,000 lives.

USofCare is proud of what we accomplished in 2020 — what we accomplished not just in spite of the trials the year held, but because of them.

2020 annual report cover

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