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Voices of Real Life

Meet our one-of-a-kind council of individuals from various backgrounds who share their lived-experiences.

Real experiences at the heart of health care reform

The members involved in the Voices of Real Life are from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse experiences with the health care system. They come together on a volunteer basis to guide and advise USofCare’s work of making health care policies that better serve all individuals, including those who are more likely to be affected by policies and practices that keep healthcare out of reach. They also assist in our Community Conversations research to provide a fuller picture of how people across the country experience health care and offer deep insight into the pain points and priorities of people across the nation.

Members are invited based on their direct involvement with the communities they engage with and the work that aligns with the vision for building a better health care system. Each member has committed to sharing their expertise and insights into the needs of themselves, their family, and their communities to create a positive vision for health reform.

We believe that those closest to the problems are closest to the solutions.

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Interested in joining Voices of Real Life? Please contact Venice Haynes, Director of Research & Community Engagement, to learn more.