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United Solutions
for Care

Commonsense steps to meet people’s health care needs

Together, we can support innovative solutions to build a better health care system for all people that is affordable, dependable, personalized, and understandable.

4 Goals and 12 Solutions to build a better health care system

United States of Care is building a better future for the health care system. We champion fair and commonsense policy changes to meet people’s urgent needs: the certainty that their health care will be affordable, that their coverage will be dependable and there when they need it, that their health care is personalized, and that the system is easy to understand and navigate.

Based on what people across demographics need and want from the system, we have created a one-of-a-kind roadmap of a dozen smart and targeted solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges people face with the health care system.

USofCare drives change at the state and federal level, in partnership with everyday people, business leaders, health care innovators, fellow advocates, and policymakers. Together, we build new solutions and advocate for change to tackle our shared health care challenges — solutions which people of every demographic tell us will bring them peace of mind and make a positive impact on their lives.

These 4 goals and 12 solutions meet the needs of people across demographics and can drive collection action.

92% of people believe everyone deserves to have access to quality affordable health care.

United Solutions for Care

Achieving these shared goals will move us closer to a system where every person can access health care,
regardless of who they are, how much money they make, or where they live.

Goal 1: Affordability

This means people have certainty they can afford their health care. Cost remains the top concern. People want to get the care they need without fearing they will go into debt. We can start to achieve this by:

  • Solution 1: Lowering prescription costs
  • Solution 2: Eliminating out-of-pocket costs for basic health care services

Learn more about our work in health care costs.

Goal 2: Dependability

This means that people have the security and freedom that dependable health care coverage provides as life changes. We can achieve this by:

  • Solution 3: Providing new low-cost coverage options that also increase competition
  • Solution 4: Allowing people to use tax credits to get coverage outside of their employer
  • Solution 5: Expanding eligibility for public programs including Medicare, Medicaid, or the

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Learn more about our work in dependable coverage and public option.

Goal 3: Personalized

We want to ensure people can get the personalized care they need, when and how they need it. We can start to reach that goal by:

  • Solution 6: Providing support to caregivers
  • Solution 7: Improving mental health coverage
  • Solution 8: Providing better maternal and newborn care
  • Solution 9: Making care more convenient
  • Solution 10: Ensure that people can equitably get care virtually

Learn more about our work in mental health and virtual care.

Goal 4: Understandable

We need to make our system more understandable and easy to navigate. We can work toward that goal by:

  • Solution 11: Making prescription costs more transparent
  • Solution 12: Increasing availability of patient navigators

Learn more about our work in health care costs.

The Support

Our recent poll found wide-ranging support for commonsense health care solutions.

Circular line graph representing 82% 82%

82% support more help for people navigating the health care system

Circular line graph representing 78% 78%

78% support expanded tax credits to help more people afford insurance

Circular line graph representing 86% 86%

86% support bringing down prescription costs through government action

Dive deeper on progress and opportunities toward these solutions and learn more about our work in research and listening.

United States of Care is putting people at the center of health care. Through over two years of conversations with people across the country, we’ve learned there is wide consensus on the problems plaguing the health care system – and solutions that will benefit us all. United Solutions for Care is the North Star for improving our health care system. Join us.

Natalie Davis, CEO and Co-Founder

Learn more about our work

These bodies of work, which align with our 4 goals, are designed to evolve and change as new needs, issues, and solutions arise.

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