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It's Time to Unite Behind Change

When you make a gift to United States of Care, you join a group of committed individuals who understand the urgent need for effective, durable, people-centered health care policies.

Our work with cross-sector partners and regular people aims to shift the national narrative and create lasting change towards a system that is more accessible and affordable. Your support is vital to the success of our mission and our team’s ability to drive change.

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Now Is the Time to Take Action!

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The USofCare community is coming together and investing in developing sustainable, durable health care solutions.

The current crisis is impacting all of us both personally and professionally. It has transformed our organization’s work and priorities. Our impact is dependent on the support and contributions from passionate individuals. Together, we can achieve a health care system that is not only adequately prepared for any crisis, but also fully resourced to meet people’s needs now and into the future.

Now is the time to amplify the voices of all people and invest in our collective efforts to design people-centered policy solutions.

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“Taking action together is the only way we’ll see the other side of this crisis. Taking action together is the only way to ensure our organization is positioned to continue to impact health care for the better; for all Americans. So many words connect us during this uncertain time, but the one that carries us farthest is TOGETHER.”

– Dr. J. Mario Molina

COVID-19 Demands Policy Solutions with Long-Term Impact

We are leading the charge to ensure that a comprehensive set of effective, people-centered policy solutions to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are being considered at all levels of government. Our goal is to identify, develop, and promote solutions that center people over partisan politics and leverage cross-sector resources to deliver outcomes that meet people’s needs. Your investment in United States of Care supports our ability to leverage our expertise, network, and unique resources to support our nation’s state and federal policy needs during this pandemic.

Visit Our COVID-19 Hub
COVID-19 Hub Webpage

Your Gift Will Have a Long-Lasting Impact

When you donate to United States of Care, you support our work to:

  • Bring All Parties to the Table
    Partner with everyday people, industry experts, and local leaders to connect the dots between the interests of regular people and their elected representatives to shape durable, people-centered policies.
  • Provide Expert Policy Support
    Provide and design unique resources, playbooks, strategies, and actionable approaches for state and federal policymakers and leverage the wide range of our Founder’s Council, Entrepreneurs Council, and staff expertise.
  • Partner with States and Build a Better Path Forward
    Build productive relationships with people, policymakers, advocates, and other stakeholders in pursuit of policies and innovative new ideas that address state-specific challenges, improve people’s access to affordable health care, test solutions, and identify better strategies for change.
  • Convene Leaders to Learn & Collaborate
    Connect and convene cross-sector leaders in different states to share best practices, collaborate, and envision new health care policies that are guided by collective wisdom and knowledge exchange.
  • Develop People-Centered, Durable Policy Solutions
    Solve current policy challenges by identifying gaps, mobilizing efforts, and sharing new people-centered policy ideas that make progress toward expanding access to affordable health care for everyone.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to United States of Care and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

Cash Donations

Make a cash gift and sustain United States of Care’s efforts to pave a better path forward to a health care system that is more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Credit Card

You can make a donation by using a credit card or EFT. It’s easy! Go to


You can donate with PayPal Giving Fund. Click here to be directed to the United States of Care Campaign.


Check donations can be mailed to:
United States of Care
1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 950,
Washington, DC 20005

Charitable Family Funds and Donor Advised Funds

Make a recommended gift from your charitable fund or donor advised fund to impact lives through United States of Care’s work. For assistance and questions please contact Amanda Storm Schuster at [email protected]

Wire Transfers

You may directly transfer funds to our account. Please contact Amanda Storm Schuster at [email protected] to learn more.


Donors can support our work through a gift of stock or other assets. Making a stock gift may increase the impact of your gift and has potential tax advantages. Under federal tax law, charitable gifts of appreciated, long-term stock may have a double benefit:

  • The long-term capital gain may be excluded from taxable income, and
  • The charitable contribution deduction is the fair market value of the stock.

If you’d like to make a gift of stock, certificates held by a bank or broker can be transferred to United States of Care electronically. Please contact Amanda Storm Schuster at [email protected] to learn more.

For Credit To:
Account Number: 40611172

For Further Credit To:
United States of Care Campaign

Instructions for Delivering Securities:
Morgan Stanley
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FBO United States of Care Campaign

Please be sure to alert us at [email protected] so we may anticipate your contribution and confirm its receipt for you.

Amanda Storm Schuster
Amanda Storm Schuster Senior Director of Development

For Questions and More Information

Are you interested in learning more about our work or how your investment will be utilized? For questions and more information, please contact Amanda Storm Schuster, our Senior Director of Development by email or phone at 612.220.1864

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