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Aza Nedhari
Voices of Real Life

Aza Nedhari, MS

Professional Midwife; Family Counselor; Executive Director, Mamatoto Village

Aza brings more than 15 years of experience in community organizing, reproductive health education, and program management and development. She is a Certified Professional Midwife, Family Counselor, and the Founding Executive Director of Mamatoto Village, a perinatal family support organization in Washington, DC that utilizes a three-generation model that integrates a holistic approach to care. Aza is a fiercely dedicated woman who believes that by promoting health equity, the reduction of barriers in maternal and child health begins to dissipate; giving rise to healthy individuals, healthy families, and healthy communities. Aza was recently honored by the Mayor of the District of Columbia with a “Washington Women of Excellence Award” in the Leader in Maternal Health. Aza is pursuing her Doctorate in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Management. Aza is a mother to three spirited and gentle children and partner to an amazing artist.