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Voices of Real Life

Sophie Iverson

Options Counselor, Disability Hub MN

Sophie currently works as an Options Counselor at the Disability Hub MN and provides
information and referrals to callers and families navigating the disability community and
state agencies. With over 10 years of disability advocacy and lived experience, Sophie
also founded Access 2 Advocacy LLC with a hope to share her passion for empowering
others to feel confident advocating for disability policy important to them. Trained in
person-centered planning, self-evaluation and transition planning, Americans with
Disabilities Act topics, special education topics, Deliberative Dialogue work, and a
certified ADA Coordinator, Sophie brings her personal experience as a member of the
disability community into her self-advocacy, policy, and consultancy work. Working in
the disability community, she feels fulfilled in being able to give back to the community
that has supported her and her family for so long.