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Voices of Real Life

Yvette McDaniel

Community Advocate

Yvette McDaniel is a Community Advocate with primary interests in the arts, health, and social justice. From Advocate to Activist, she is a Community Steward for the South Carolina communities of Denmark (Bamberg County) and Orangeburg (Orangeburg County). She has served as a panelist, speaker, organizer, and/or presenter for numerous entities, including Grantmakers In the Arts, the South Carolina Office of Rural Health, the Southern and Appalachian Region Creative Placement Leadership Summit, Rural Women’s Conference, the Write to Change Foundation, the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Art of Community: Rural SC, and the Aspen Institute’s Criminal Justice Reform Initiative.

She founded and heads Orangeburg Action Research, an advocacy/activism organization that incorporates Next Generation to study, research, and work within the conjoining of arts and juvenile criminal justice reform. Founder and CEO of Denmark’s Community Rural Arts Work League of Bamber County, she has launched events that include the promotion of wellness through the intersection of traditional/community/practical arts and physical/mental/spiritual/emotional health. She established Ultramacs Music Group, LLC to better prepare Next Generation vocal artists for the professional music industry arena. A retired operatic soprano, Dr. Yvette McDaniel is an LSU Fellow.