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Voices of Real Life

The individuals involved in the Voices of Real Life are from different backgrounds, brought together to guide and advise United States of Care’s work of making policy recommendations that are fiscally responsible, politically durable and serves all individuals.

Each member has committed to sharing their expertise on the needs of their communities to create a positive vision for health reform. While each member’s direct involvement in health care differs, they all understand what people in their community need from the health care system, barriers that hinder people from living fully, and how these factors are experienced and communicated in the real world.
Rebekah Azaylia Alexander
Shane Baker
Lisa Fitzpatrick, MD, MPH
Kris F. Garcia
Joanne Corte Grossi, MPP
Hunter Husar
Sidney McCarther
Bhavna Mehta
Summer Moss, PT DPT
Aza Nedhari, MS
Elizabeth Noriega
Patricia Pasechnick
Nicole Smith-Holt
Rebekah G. Taussig
Maria Verduzco, MD
Amy Webb
Greg Williams, MA

Real change will take all of us working together. Join us today.