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Emily Barson
Executive Director
Lois Dankwa
Public Engagement Manager
Destiny Davis
Special Assistant
Natalie Davis
Managing Director, Public Engagement
Jennifer DeYoung
Director of Policy, Building Blocks of Health Reform
Joanna Dornfeld
Senior Director of External Affairs and Partnerships
Brittani Garner
Operations Manager
Liz Hagan
Director of Policy, State Engagements
Erin Huppert
State Affairs Director
Catherine Jacobson
State Affairs and Policy Coordinator
Kristel Jacobson
Communications and Engagement Manager
Rebecca Kolis
Senior Development Officer
Jess Kubis
Development Officer
Rebecca Kunau
Policy Coordinator
Amanda Storm Schuster
Senior Director of Development
Andrew Schwab
Director, Policy, Federal Affairs and Partnerships
Leigh Warren
Chief Operating Officer
Kristin Wikelius
Managing Director, Policy Solutions and External Affairs


Jason Helgerson
John McCarthy

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