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United Solutions for Care: Progress and Opportunities 

Published On May 12, 2022

United States of Care is building a better future for the health care system. We champion fair and commonsense policy changes to meet people’s urgent needs: the certainty that their health care will be affordable, that their coverage will be dependable and there when they need it, that their health care is personalized, and that the system is easy to understand and navigate.

In a system that people feel is unfair and profit-driven, our goal is simple. We believe all people deserve to have access to quality affordable health care regardless of their health status, ability, social need, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, or where they live. People of all backgrounds and political beliefs share this goal. United States of Care knows that because we listen and learn from thousands of people living in every state. 

United States of Care drives change at the state and federal level, in partnership with everyday people, business leaders, health care innovators, fellow advocates, and policymakers. Together, we build and advocate for new solutions to our shared health care challenges — solutions which people of every demographic tell us will bring them peace of mind and make a positive impact on their lives.

Based on years of research to understand what people need and want from their care, we have created a one-of-a-kind roadmap of a dozen smart and targeted solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges people face with the health care system. United Solutions for Care is a set of twelve concrete and achievable aims to help us build a fairer system — one that doesn’t leave anyone bankrupt when they need care. 

United Solutions for Care includes targeted solutions for our health care system, which have strong public support across a wide range of demographics and ideologies. This memo outlines areas of significant state and federal movement in the 12 areas identified in United Solutions for Care.