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Dependable Coverage

At USofCare, we believe that health insurance coverage should protect us when we need it most – making sure we can care for our families in good times and bad.

Regardless of what happens in life—whether someone is diagnosed with a major illness, has a baby, loses a job, grows older, or has unexpected expenses from everyday life —people want to know they will have dependable coverage.


Why Dependable Coverage is a Priority

Through our listening work and public opinion surveys, we know that people want the certainty that they can afford their health care and the security and freedom that dependable health care coverage provides as life changes.

Yet in our current system, where people get or lose their coverage with a change in age, change in income, or change in job, we need to ask critical questions about whether people feel secure that they can depend on and afford their health insurance.

Our current health insurance system is expensive for employees and employers. In 2018, 32% of workers were not even offered health insurance through their job. This includes people working for small businesses, part-time workers, and gig workers.

The pandemic has shined a light on the need for more dependable coverage options, with over 14.6 million individuals losing their health coverage due to job loss.

Our Approach

We are actively identifying innovative policies targeted at addressing the reasons people can’t consistently depend on their health coverage through our listening and public opinion research and utilizing our rich understanding of stakeholders across the industry.

Our current initiatives include:

  • Conducting deep listening and public opinion research to understand people’s experiences and the targeted solutions that will benefit their bottom line
  • Increasing public support for change
  • Building innovative policy alternatives based on the needs of people identified in our research
  • Building consensus and political will to provide more affordable and secure health care options available to people regardless of their job or situation

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We prioritize improvements informed by our desired outcomes that will build the health care system people want.

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