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April 15 Tele-Briefing: New York City COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition

Published On April 23, 2020

Over the past month, United States of Care’s focus has shifted to providing immediate support for state and federal government and public response needs – leveraging our expertise, capacity, network, and resources to support effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 15th, we hosted a tele-briefing for the New York City COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition (CRRC) to meet with some of our stakeholders and partners. This briefing marks the fourth in a COVID-19 focused series.

“The shared sense of responsibility, the shared sense of collaboration, the shared sense of creating impact and helping each other has been invaluable.”
– Trevor Price, Founder & CEO of Oxeon Holdings

The CRRC, made up of cross-sector companies and organizations, formed to serve at-risk populations during the 2020 pandemic. United States of Care partnered with leaders of the coalition to draft a playbook highlighting the replicable approach that may be valuable to other communities across the country. This playbook outlines the goal, tactics, and work streams that the CRRC is using. The goal of the playbook is to help spread this general approach across the country.

“We focused much more on, could we, in some form or fashion, get out in front of the ER and ICU utilization? And find ways to try to support those who would be at higher risk of hospitalization. Those vulnerable New Yorkers who would, more likely than not, end up in the emergency room.”
– Trevor Price, Founder & CEO of Oxeon Holdings

Focus on Two Populations

  1. Elderly / Underlying health conditions – more likely to end up in ER or ICU, if they contract the virus.
  2. Those underlying health conditions supported by the distributed fabric of health care providers in the city.

Served in their homes with both clinical and social services

Three part coalitions

  1. Group think / crowd-sourcing exercise amongst all the organizations involved
  2. Technology platform that we use to scale. Once we’ve identified the vulnerable New Yorkers the platform scales the engagement and connections to those individuals, allowing them to identify needs that they have.
  3. Governance structure and philanthropic fundraising effort

“Most important thing that we did that has created a real momentum, a real sense of purpose, and actual very serious outcomes is our coalition stand-up call. Topics discussed in call – ones that have a lot of energy, a lot of shared need, and a lot of potential for impact are broken out of the stand-up call and put into a separate workgroup.”
– Trevor Price, Founder & CEO of Oxeon Holdings

During this briefing we are sharing the playbook with you straight from the source. Check it out here: