April 3, 2020 COVID-19

Playbook and Case Study of NYC COVID-19 Coalition

NYC COVID-19 Playbook Spreads
The New York City COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition (CRRC), made up of cross-sector health care and non-health care companies, formed to serve at-risk populations during the 2020 pandemic. United States of Care drafted a playbook to highlight replicable approaches, methods, and partnerships that may be valuable in other communities across the country.

If you’re in a city with a patchwork system of legacy health care and social service solutions, you are about to face hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases. You will need a creative, impactful way to protect and serve your most vulnerable during this pandemic. This approach requires the rapid formation of partnerships across multiple, fragmented parts of the health care system.

We’ve broken down the goal, tactics, and workstreams that the New York City COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition (CRRC) is using.

“We really appreciate the US of Care supporting the COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition in NYC. Facing the crisis head-on, the Coalition has been ‘designing a ship while sailing in The Perfect Storm’ and the United States of Care team has helped translate our platform into a playbook to help future hotspots across the country learn from what we’ve built in New York City. Our efforts staring down the New York crisis have been philanthropic and pro bono and the resulting work, represented beautifully by the USofCare playbook, is for all Americans to leverage.”
– United States of Care Entreprenuers Council Co-Chair Trevor Price

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