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United States of Care Releases One-of-a-Kind Roadmap for Improving Health Care

Published On May 12, 2022

United Solutions for Care includes a dozen smart and targeted solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges people face with the health care system

Washington, DC — United States of Care (USofCare) today announced a major initiative in its ongoing work to be a voice for people’s true needs from the health care system. United Solutions for Care, a one-of-a-kind roadmap of a dozen smart and targeted solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges people face with the health care system. 

Especially in the wake of the pandemic, people belong at the center of health care. United Solutions for Care aims to put them there and is the culmination of more than two years of in-depth listening and research to find out what people need from the system.

“We learned that the system is failing people — in ways large and small — and making them feel like it’s their fault,” remarked Natalie Davis, CEO and co-founder of USofCare. “I’m thrilled today to announce the release of United Solutions for Care, a long-needed set of fixes for the health care system that will improve people’s lives, build a fairer system, and relieve them of the fear of going bankrupt if they need care.”

USofCare’s thousands of conversations revealed wide consensus on the problems with the health care system — and also revealed the solutions to people’s most urgent health care needs: the certainty that their health care will be affordable, that their coverage will be dependable and there when they need it, that their health care is personalized, and that the system is easy to understand and navigate. 

The organization’s research also revealed that people are not only united about their needs, but are also united in their support for these Solutions and for building a more equitable health care system: 

More than nine-in-ten people agree that everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care. Additionally, 87% support eliminating out-of-pocket costs for basic health care services and 90% are in favor of providing more support to people providing care to their loved ones.

“In a system that people feel is unfair and profit-driven, United States of Care works to ensure that every person can access health care, regardless of who they are, how much money they make, or where they live,” said Natalie Davis, CEO and co-founder of USofCare. “People shouldn’t have to get lucky or have friends in high places to get the care they need. These solutions are tangible ways to make care and coverage better for everyone, ensuring that no one has to worry about going broke if they get sick.”

Through its years of research and conversations with thousands of people, USofCare identified targeted solutions for our health care system. These commonsense fixes have strong public support across a wide range of demographics and ideologies. We know that paying for and delivering care differently is key to driving these changes.

United Solutions for Care includes 12 solutions across four goal areas: 

  • GOAL 1: Affordability
    • Solution 1: Lowering prescription costs
    • Solution 2: Eliminating out-of-pocket costs for basic health care services
  • GOAL 2: Dependability
    • Solution 3: Providing new, low-cost coverage options that increase competition
    • Solution 4: Allowing people to use tax credits to get coverage outside of their employer
    • Solution 5: Expand eligibility for public programs including Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • GOAL 3: Personalized Care
    • Solution 6: Providing support to caregivers 
    • Solution 7: Improving mental health coverage
    • Solution 8: Provide better maternal and newborn care
    • Solution 9: Making care more convenient
    • Solution 10: Making sure people can continue to access virtual care
  • GOAL 4: Understandable System
    • Solution 11: Making prescription costs more transparent
    • Solution 12: Increasing availability of patient navigators

These 12 solutions will address people’s pain points with the health care system, and bring them more fairness and financial peace of mind. The roadmap includes suggestions at all ends of the policy spectrum – from ready-to-implement recommendations to areas needing research, outreach, innovation, and new policy design. In a memo to interested parties, USofCare outlined areas of significant state and federal movement in the 12 areas identified in United Solutions for Care. 

USofCare drives change at the state and federal level, and does so in partnership with everyday people, business leaders, health care innovators, fellow advocates, and policymakers. To achieve the aims in United Solutions for Care, the organization will continue to bring together organizations and experts to elevate existing efforts, fill gaps in the system, and incubate new solutions to drive change. 

About United States of Care

United States of Care is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.