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Tech-Enabled Platform Launched to Connect Healthcare With Available PPE

Published On March 22, 2020

ProjectN95 – a tech-enabled effort to source PPE

This weekend a tech-enabled effort – ProjectN95 – launched to connect healthcare institutions with available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

ProjectN95 is:

  • Coordinating with PPE manufacturers globally;
  • Collecting PPE needs from hospitals;
  • Connecting hospitals directly with suppliers for orders over 100k units;
  • Coordinating with governments and other large purchases to aggregate orders of fewer than 100k units; and
  • Sharing data about needs for PPE in each state.

In the coming days and weeks, millions of units of PPE should be available for distribution. ProjectN95 is currently in the process of conducting initial diligence of the over 60 potential suppliers who cumulatively have reported a stockpile of over 100 million masks, among other PPE equipment.

ProjectN95 can connect your state government with suppliers for further diligence, negotiation, and fulfillment.

If hospitals in your state request PPE through this platform, the data collected will be used by ProjectN95 and the broader national PPE coalition to connect your government and your state’s hospitals with the PPE supplies that our network is sourcing. ProjectN95 will also share this data with you.

What you can do:

  • Fill out the government partner form on with questions or to coordinate data sharing and order aggregation.
  • Share with healthcare institutions in your state so they can request PPE directly.

National PPE Coalition – a marketplace of PPE initiatives

A group of distributors and hospitals, manufacturers and doctors, teams matchmaking between hospitals and suppliers, 3D printers, grassroots efforts to find unused or novel sources of supply, and importers from global supply chains.

Their site is designed to bring awareness to the efforts underway and to help donors, volunteers, policymakers and providers connect to the right initiative.