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USofCare Responds to President Biden’s Proposed FY2025 Budget

Published On March 12, 2024

Washington, DC —  In response to President Biden’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2025, United States of Care (USofCare) released the following statement:

“President Biden’s budget includes proposals that will make significant progress towards implementing critical targeted changes that we know people want – such as lowering health care costs for people by limiting facility fees,” said CEO and Co-Founder of United States of Care Natalie Davis. “Similarly, the budget includes key provisions that would advance health equity and improve health outcomes. We’re encouraged by the President’s proposal of targeted solutions that would help make our health care system more affordable, dependable, personalized, and understandable.”

Included in the President’s FY2025 proposed budget are critical investments that will expand access to affordable health care, reduce prescription drug prices, and lower the costs of care for people by:

  • Doing away with unjust charges for routine, same-day care by banning “facility fees” for telehealth and certain outpatient services for people who are commercially insured.
  • Making health insurance more affordable by permanently enhancing premium tax credits for millions of Americans.
  • Reigning in high drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries and those with diabetes by expanding Medicare drug price negotiation authority and capping insulin prices in the commercial market.
  • Promoting reforms that extend Medicaid-like coverage to individuals in the remaining 10 non-expansion states.
  • Strengthening the No Surprises Act to protect people from exorbitant ground ambulance bills.

The President’s budget also works to advance health equity by removing barriers that prevent people’s access to care and improving health outcomes by:

  • Addressing the Black maternal health crisis by expanding postpartum Medicaid coverage and incentivizing states to reimburse a broad range of providers – including doulas and community health workers.
  • Investing in the health care workforce through prioritizing better integration of behavioral health into primary care and expanding health care and primary care infrastructure in rural communities.


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United States of Care is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.

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