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Playbook: Isolation & Quarantine Solutions to Serve At-Risk Populations During COVID-19

Published On May 19, 2020

Playbook Mockup


City, county, and state officials across America are developing isolation and quarantine solutions to keep at-risk populations, including people experiencing homelessness and those who cannot isolate at home, safe and healthy during the 2020 pandemic.

This United States of Care Playbook aims to highlight particular partnerships, methods, and policy choices that may be replicable in other communities now, and in future waves of COVID-19.

We hope state leaders, policymakers, and community partners will find that these case studies:

  • Explain approaches to solving isolation problems for application in their own state
  • Highlight effective partnerships to provide services for communities during the pandemic
  • Identify actions to prepare their communities for future waves of COVID-19
  • Offer opportunities to turn crisis efforts into standard practices

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