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The People’s Perspective on Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Insights from Our Early Listening Work

Published On June 3, 2024

By: A. Lowell Hamilton, PhD, Claire Tsui, Dr. Venice Haynes, Elodie Awate, Lisa Hunter, Orla Levens

There is a critical need to understand people’s opinions about the present and future usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care. AI is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly prevalent in every aspect of today’s society, from helping folks organize their to-do lists, from creating visual art, to even assisting doctors in diagnosing a disease. 

Through our listening research, we aimed to uncover insights to guide future studies on public opinion research related to AI. Our new report captures insights from in-depth conversations with members of our Voices of Real Life, exploring the role, implications, and sentiments of AI in health care. As technology continues to evolve and integrate into everyday health care experiences, the surrounding policy landscape evolves as well. 

Key themes from our research include:

  1. Mixed Levels of Trust and Comfort with AI in Health Care
  2. Interest and Engagement with AI in Health Care
  3. Equity and Ethics for AI in Health Care
  4. Future Outlook and Expectations