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Press Release

Health Care that Works for Everyone is Non-negotiable; So is Racial Justice

Published On June 2, 2020

Washington, DC- Today, United States of Care Executive Director Emily Barson, in a message to partners, public leaders, and stakeholders, reaffirmed how our organization’s mission of ensuring affordable health care to every American stands in solidarity with our commitment to the values of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Read her message below.

Dear Friends, 

The tragic killing of George Floyd was the tipping point for many Americans. Compound grievances and historical inequities have sparked peaceful protests and calls for action across the country. The grim reality of COVID-19 deaths reaching over 100,000 in the U.S. is the unsettling backdrop for this historic moment of unrest. Black lives have disproportionately experienced the burden of this disease due to historical lack of access, implicit bias, and structural barriers to care. At this time of reckoning, we all have to play a role in addressing discrimination and injustice.

We strongly believe that any systems which place a lower value on Black lives are unethical and unacceptable. Health care that works for everyone is non-negotiable; so is racial justice. Our health care system has historically struggled to provide equitable care and we – as individuals, as a country, and as an organization focused on increasing access to affordable care – must do all we can to understand these inequities and ensure they are addressed. 

Our hearts are heavy at United States of Care as we grieve and stand in solidarity with those across the country making their voices heard for equity. 

Stay safe.

Emily Barson

You can read United States of Care’s statement from May 29, 2020 following the death of George Floyd and the events occurring at that time in the Twin Cities of Minnesota here