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2019 State Outlook: 5 Opportunities for Bipartisan Collaboration

Published On January 16, 2019

By: Emily Barson

As the heated political rhetoric of election season recedes, it’s time to look ahead at how newly elected leaders who are entering office can deliver on their promises and respond to the voters’ desire for meaningful action on health care.

In last year’s midterm election, people voted for action on health care across the country and up and down the ballot. Forty-one percent of national voters in exit polls1 identified health care as the single most important issue facing the nation, outpacing both immigration and the economy. The same poll found that 69% of voters believe that the American health care system needs major changes.

Incoming lawmakers can collaborate in five important areas:

  1. Making insurance more affordable
  2. Addressing skyrocketing prescription drug prices
  3. Protecting consumers from surprise out-of-pocket costs
  4. Addressing non-medical drivers of health
  5. Enforcing mental health parity