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A Comparison: Connecticut and Indiana’s 2023 Facility Fee Legislation

Published On September 29, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of health care legislation, 2023 witnessed a remarkable focus on fair billing practices across the United States. Lawmakers turned their attention to the crucial issue of protecting people from facility fees. Facility fees, often added by hospitals and health systems to the cost of services, have long been a contentious topic. They have led to the same medical service costing significantly more simply because it was provided in a hospital-owned outpatient facility or clinic, rather than in an independent physician’s clinic.

Our comparison chart below explores two bills passed in the 2023 session by legislators in Connecticut and Indiana to limit the impact of facility fees on people. Connecticut and Indiana serve as prime examples due to their unique legislative approaches and the extent to which their new laws address facility fees. Moreover, their ongoing efforts have built upon prior actions taken within their respective states to tackle the issue of facility fees head-on. Dive into the chart below to gain valuable insights into these critical developments.