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2019 State Health Policy Progress

Published On June 14, 2019

By: Joanna Dornfeld, Kristin Wikelius

As many state legislative sessions draw to a close, it’s time to take stock of the significant progress state lawmakers made so far this year. From addressing skyrocketing prescription drug costs to finding ways to make additional affordable coverage choices available, state leaders are responding to Americans’ desire to see our health care system work better for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Examples from at least 14 states demonstrate that progress on health care is possible, with leaders coming together to advance meaningful changes.
  • A wide range of states have made progress this year on critical areas, including creating more affordable coverage choices, addressing high prescription drug costs, improving access to mental health care, and protecting patients from expensive surprise medical bills.
  • Big changes often require multiple legislative sessions, and ideas that emerged this year show where states might next make progress next.