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Our State Policy Efforts

Understanding people’s needs to drive near-term health care reform

We are working in states to expand access to quality, affordable health care right now – because progress usually begins at the local level.

Our Goal

Our goal is to expand access to quality, affordable health care in the near term while paving a path toward durable, people-centered federal policies. In order to achieve improved outcomes for people, health care policies must protect people from financial devastation due to illness or injury, be fiscally responsible and achieve the durable political support necessary to ensure long-term stability.

In the future, we want all people to be able to access high-quality health care in a way that meets their unique needs at a price they can afford.

We know what it takes to get the right stakeholders to the table, build the right coalition, develop the strongest policy, communicate complex issues in a compelling way and engage the public in a productive dialog. Our team takes a multi-faceted approach to providing resources, strategic advice, and technical assistance, while sharing best practices with partners on the ground across the country.

Targeted Campaign Approach

The role that we play in each effort is customized based on what’s needed:

  • Develop and execute a targeted approach to get our prioritized policies across the finish line
  • Develop a network of campaign operatives in partnership with allies to execute campaigns across the country
  • Create and share a library of resources, tactics and playbooks with state and federal allies
  • Provide strategic political advice and engage in direct advocacy in order to shore up inside-the-capitol support among legislators and governors
  • Provide a variety of technical assistance related to policy development, public opinion research, message development, coalition building, etc.
  • Assist with identifying financial resources to support campaigns and counter opposition efforts

Improving Health Care Should
be a Joint Effort

Dr. Rebekah Gee, former Louisiana Secretary of Health, discusses why every American deserves equal access to affordable health care and why we need to work together to address the issues of cost and better health care outcomes.

Our Current State-Initiatives:

  • Affordability Standards: USofCare is leading a multi-state learning collaborative to support states developing and utilizing new ways of measuring health care affordability.
  • Public Health Insurance Option: USofCare is driving a multi-state approach to expanding coverage through Public Option.
  • Mental Health: USofCare is supporting state-based advocates seeking to raise awareness for solutions that increase access and parity in mental health care.

Contact us today if you need policy solutions, research and insights to approaches that put people’s needs in the center of change.

Our Network of Experts

Our network of leadership councils that inform our work include:

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