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Press Release

USofCare stands in solidarity with the Asian American community

Published On March 19, 2021

At United States of Care, we stand in solidarity with the Asian American community in grieving and strongly condemning anti-Asian violence, including the targeted massacre of six Asian American women in and around Atlanta on March 16th.

While we all struggle with the trauma of the pandemic, Asian American communities bear the added trauma of being the target of unconscionable violence, fanned by rhetoric and blame for a crisis they did not create. Racism and violence are public health crises, but their effects on the Asian American experience too often remain invisible. All of us who strive for a more perfect union must do more to name and address these real and present health threats.

United States of Care is committed to stand with advocates in the Asian American community, our staff, and others to end anti-Asian hate, pursue justice, and seek to build a more inclusive health care system that better serves all of us, including individuals who identify as Asian American.