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United States of Care Completes Virtual Press Call Detailing Public Sentiment Toward AI in Health Care

Published On June 25, 2024

Washington, DC —  Today at 10 AM ET, United States of Care (USofCare) hosted a virtual press call for members of the media to unveil the latest polling data on how people feel about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care. During this call, attendees gained early access to the poll’s topline findings and real-time Q&A. 

The findings from this research broadly fit into four main themes: 

  1. Adults are generally unaware of the variety of use cases for AI in a health care setting.
  2. Adults are divided on the use of AI in the delivery of their own personal health care.
  3. Although adults think AI in health care would mostly help various tasks and responsibilities, they also voice concerns around job security and negative impacts toward people of color, low-income individuals and other vulnerable populations.
  4. Registered voters want to see policymakers and Congress take action to better regulate AI in the health care industry. 

A recording of the full presentation and Q&A session — presented by USofCare’s Dr. Venice Haynes, Senior Director of Research and Community Engagement, and Kristin Wikelius, Chief Program Officer— is available here

For more information on the present and future usage of AI in health care, please defer to USofCare’s new AI Resource Hub or reach out to [email protected] to schedule an interview with one of our experts. 


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