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Press Release

USofCare Announces Medicaid Buy-In Website and Playbook Relaunch

Published On July 29, 2019

Washington, D.C. — Today, United States of Care (USofCare), a non-partisan health care non-profit, relaunched its website,, and a Medicaid Buy-in Playbook. United States of Care intends for the website and the resources it houses, such as the playbook, to inform and empower states looking to successfully implement innovative coverage options to increase access to affordable health care.

The Medicaid Buy-in Playbook is the centerpiece of the site, designed to offer states a roadmap to successfully pass and implement a Medicaid buy-in or other buy-in options, including tools to address policy development and political and strategic planning processes. The Medicaid Buy-in Playbook has been fully updated to reflect lessons learned from our own public opinion research and state engagements, provide new insight into how states can develop policies specific to their needs, and offer improved guidance for communications campaigns and stakeholder engagement.

The site serves as an up-to-date hub for information on Medicaid buy-in, public option, and other types of buy-in proposals. It showcases current proposals across the country and archives previous state efforts to pass buy-in legislation. Informed by conversations with lawmakers, advocates, and other stakeholders, the site aims to support states’ efforts to increase access to affordable health care.

“United States of Care recognizes that buy-in plans could help bring more affordable options to consumers and can be customized to address the unique needs and existing infrastructure of states. We are excited about this relaunch and hope it provides useful tools and tactics to interested parties and stakeholders,” said Interim Executive Director and Senior Policy Director Kristin Wikelius.

The Medicaid Buy-in Playbook and website were developed with generous support from The Commonwealth Fund.

You can visit our website at

You can find our playbook at