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United States of Care Responds to Mifepristone Texas Ruling

Published On April 8, 2023

Washington, D.C. — United States of Care just released a statement from CEO and co-founder Natalie Davis on today’s decision by Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk to block the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the drug Mifepristone: 

“I am deeply troubled by the recent decision in the Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA district court case, which has resulted in the revocation of Mifepristone’s FDA approval and further limits access to reproductive health care nationwide. This ruling has severe implications for the importance of access to care for all individuals.

“At United States of Care, we work to remove barriers to care and believe that the health care system should make it easier for people to access the medical care they need. Every person should have personalized health care, including control over their own medical decisions and have the right to receive safe and affordable health care. The revocation of Mifepristone’s approval is a significant setback in our efforts to expand access to care and could potentially jeopardize the health and well-being of countless people across the country.

“The decision made by Judge Kacsmaryk to reverse the FDA’s twenty years of approval for Mifepristone also sets a dangerous precedent that could erode the systems and processes of evidence-based medical research we rely on to get the medications we need. It is unacceptable that a single judge can make a medical judgment for people and providers across the country, especially when it comes to a decision that is as personal and important as reproductive health care. 

“We know this decision will mean patients having less freedom to access critical health care services, including abortion care for individuals who already do not have the financial means to travel long distances to obtain necessary medications and will now face additional barriers to accessing essential health care and health care providers they need. 

“This ruling, a historic first in which a court has mandated the FDA to withdraw a drug from the market, in spite of resistance from both the agency and the medication’s producer, will not go into effect for seven days to allow for an expected appeal from the Biden Administration. 

“United States of Care will continue to advocate for increased access to care. We believe that access to care is a fundamental right that should not be hindered by unnecessary barriers or complications erected by courts.”


About United States of Care

United States of Care is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.


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