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USofCare Maternal & Child Health Resource Hub

USofCare is proud to share the following resources based on our listening work and research that uncover how we can ensure everyone has a joyous birthing experience and a joyful, safe, and supported pregnancy.

100 Weeks of Care for Black Maternal Health

Key Overarching Insights

In 2023, United States of Care partnered with C+R to conduct a deep listening effort aimed at better understanding the critical gaps and failures experienced by Black women. We also identified their ideal maternal health care journey, and highlighted the experiences, people, and organizations that created positive outcomes from preconception to postpartum, known as Bright Spots. We rooted these findings in a historical perspective as we considered how women view their cultural identity and the role that plays in their health care experiences.

Postpartum Care: Insights, Experiences, and Bright Spots

The maternal health journey does not end after delivery. Our two-pager highlights the critical yet often neglected postpartum period in maternal health and sheds light on the disparities and challenges women face, including a lack of support and information to successfully navigate postpartum.

Bright Spots to Address Gaps in Maternal Health

Through our listening work, we talked to Black women and women of color about some of the challenges they face during their pregnancy journey. This resource lays out how these gaps in care are being addressed through Bright Spots (see below). These insights provide a better understanding of how all women can be supported through joyful and safe pregnancy journeys.

Trends in Maternal Health: Bright Spots

Black women face significant maternal health disparities during their pregnancy journey, but promising initiatives, termed Bright Spots, are improving maternal health for Black women. This snapshot explores trends within these Bright Spots to illustrate the innovative approaches taken by these programs to help drive better maternal health outcomes and experiences.

USofCare’s Listening Work on Maternal Health: Understanding the Pregnancy Experience of Women of Color

At USofCare, we listen first. In our conversations with women of color, we uncovered crucial insights into the pregnancy experiences of women of color and how we can improve them.

Maternal and Child Health Medicaid Policy Landscape & State Trends

Published in September 2022, this is a research brief on maternal health policy within Medicaid programs across all 50 states and DC as of 2022. 

Our MCH Medium Posts

Hint: it isn’t good. Click the image to read more about our research findings and what women of color experience in contrast to their white counterparts. This post goes into:

  • Differential Treatment, Stereotyping, and Racism in the Black Maternal Health Experience
  • Limited Knowledge and Experience with Midwives and Doulas
  • Lack of Postpartum Support

From disbelief to racism, Black women suffer the most when it comes to receiving adequate health care.

Read powerful quotes from Black women about their experiences within the U.S. health care system.