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COVID-19, State Efforts

State Spotlight July 18, 2020

Published On July 19, 2020

By: Joanna Dornfeld

New resources to help you manage during the COVID crisis.

USofCare Recommendations for Next Federal COVID Relief Package

Members of Congress are returning from recess and we anticipate will be debating the next COVID relief package. USofCare updated our recommendations for what Congress should prioritize including $500 billion for state and local governments as well as $75 billion for contact tracing, testing and isolation efforts across the country. These recommendations are built from USofCare’s comprehensive set of federal recommendations released in April, informed, as always, by our Board and Founder’s Council, the private sector advisors serving on our Entrepreneurs Council, our work listening to people across the country and guided by public opinion research. Many of our proposals were included in the pandemic response legislation passed earlier this year. Click here to learn more about all of our July recommendations to Congress.

Other USofCare Resources:

Innovative Action in States – July 16, 2020

Each day, policy makers across the country continue to wrestle with responding to the COVID crisis and economic recession. The dynamic nature of the virus requires creative leadership to keep individuals and families safe and healthy. With many Legislatures returning to session, policy makers are taking action to respond to the public health crisis and resulting economic impacts. Click here for a snapshot of the most innovative action we saw in states over the last two weeks.

State Success Story: Colorado achieves a big victory for expanding access to care

When the Colorado General Assembly reconvened in June for a sprint-style three week session, legislators made the most of their time, sending a flurry of bills to Governor Polis, including policies that expand access to telehealth, improve the state’s chronically low vaccination rates, and provide paid sick leave.

Another, lesser known proposal also made its way through the legislative gauntlet and was signed into law by Polis on July 6, 2020. SB20-215, a far-reaching bill to create a health insurance affordability fund, will bring meaningful savings to families who buy their own insurance in Colorado. Read our blog to learn more about this impressive victory for advocates, policymakers, and importantly, people across the state.

US Digital Response – Volunteers Solving Government Tech Problems

As state leaders continue to wrestle with managing their ongoing response to the pandemic, many continue to feel the strain of aging state IT infrastructure. US Digital Response is a group of experienced, pro bono technologists who work with governments responding to the COVID-19 crisis to help deliver critical services to the people. So far they have partnered with 60 governments and nonprofit partners and staffed 150 projects with USDR volunteers. Projects include supporting Unemployment Systems, matching hospital staffing shortages with qualified workers and helping homebound people get meals. They are nonpartisan, fast and free. Learn more about how you can get help from US Digital Response.

United States of Care COVID Rapid Response for State Leaders

USofCare’s mission to ensure that every single American has access to quality, affordable health care has never been more important than in the current public health crisis. We have been providing immediate support for state and federal government and public response needs, leveraging our expertise (including our Board and Founder’s Council), capacity, network and resources to support effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams of USofCare’s staff are researching and responding to incoming requests, which can be sent to [email protected].