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Oregon’s Bridge Plan Promotes Continuity of Coverage and Lays the Foundation for a Public Health Insurance Option

Published On April 18, 2022

In March 2022, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 4035, which authorizes the development of a “Bridge Plan” to support continuity of coverage for people at risk of losing coverage at the end of the COVID Public Health Emergency. This Bridge Plan lays an important foundation for policies that would serve many more people struggling to access affordable coverage in Oregon.

In the below brief, USofCare outlines the challenges Oregonians face in accessing quality, affordable health care and how policymakers can build off the Bridge Plan to address these challenges and cover more residents. We continue to work with partners on the ground in Oregon to support a successful Bridge Plan that is designed with flexibility to allow for future development of a public health insurance option to help even more Oregonians afford health care.