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October 1 Webinar: How is COVID-19 Impacting Health Care, Wealth Care, and Philanthropy?

Published On October 2, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives in a multitude of ways. We are wondering not only about our family’s health care, but also the impacts on our personal finances, including questions around how we can help others through this crisis with our philanthropy.

Our experts address the impacts of COVID-19 that will help you navigate these conversations with clients, colleagues, or family members.

This webinar is designed for professionals in the wealth and financial advising fields, philanthropic advising, estate and tax planning advisors and their clients.

Hosted by:
Emily Barson – Executive Director

Andy Slavitt – Board Chair, USofCare
Cara James, PhD – President & CEO, Grantmakers in Health
Carolyn McClanahan, MD, CFP – Founder, Life Planning Partners, Inc.
Charlie Dent – Senior Policy Advisor, DLA Piper; Former U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania

View transcript here.