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March 24 Webinar: Action Steps to Address Patients’ Barriers to Accessing Virtual Care

Published On March 24, 2021

In this webinar, we will explore our playbook which offers recommended action steps that reflect patient priorities and ensure an equitable future through virtual care.


  • Jen DeYoung – Director of Policy, Building Blocks of Health Reform, USofCare
  • Dr. Jon Zifferblatt – Executive Vice President, Strategy and Successful Aging, West Health


  • Dr. Venice Haynes – Director of Research and Community Engagement, USofCare
  • Amy Herr – Director, Health Policy, West Health
  • Josh Hofmeyer – Senior Care Officer, Avera eCARE
  • Chris Johnson – VP, Head of Corporate Development, Landmark Health
  • Michael Kuriland – Director of Telehealth, West Health

Resources: Older Adults’ Experience of Virtual Care: Action Steps to Increase Access and Equity Playbook