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June 24 Webinar: Actions to Plan, Prepare and Prevent COVID-19 Surges

Published On June 26, 2020

As we learn to live with this deadly virus until a vaccine or curative treatment is discovered, actions can be taken to prepare for future waves of the virus. On this briefing, we focused on 5 actions outlined in the USofCare’s COVID-19 State Preparedness Handbook and real world examples of these actions in practice:

  1. Listen to the Needs of Different Communities
  2. Communicate Clearly With People and Use Data to Guide Quick Decision Making
  3. Focus on Protecting People and Places That Face the Highest Risks
  4. Build Health System Capacity to Meet People’s Needs
  5. Build Collaborative Approaches


  • Rebekah Gee, MD – CEO, LSU Health Care Services
  • Jason Elliott – Senior Counselor for Housing & Homelessness, Office of Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Ryan Panchadsaram – Founder, US Digital Response
  • Andy Slavitt – Chairman, United States of Care
  • Kristin Wikelius – Senior Policy Director, United States of Care

View the transcript here.