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COVID-19, State Efforts

How We Reopen Safely: USofCare’s Partnership to Track Where States Are on the Road to Recovery

Published On May 14, 2020

Family leaving the house

At a time when so much is unknown, we are all concerned about protecting and providing for ourselves and our families. We want to know that we are receiving accurate information and recommendations on staying safe during the pandemic. We are worried about work, and the financial impact, and medical well-being for ourselves and our families; we are mindful of the needs of the vulnerable in our communities. And we want to be assured that we have a reliable health care system that is adequately resourced and supports front-line workers.

United States of Care, Resolve to Save Lives, U.S. Digital Response, and the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University combined forces to track how each state is performing to fulfill the White House’s “Opening Up America Again” guidelines. The process involved comparing the set points against publicly available data from the CDC and The COVID Tracking Project (cases, tests, deaths, flu-like illness activity and ICU/bed capacity). Using this data, we hope to answer questions such as “How is this disease spreading?,” “How is my state doing on testing?,” and “How can our health system handle the spread?” To navigate this crisis successfully, lawmakers on all levels will need as much data as possible to act on. We will continue to update this site daily with data sources as they become available.

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