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Hope on the Horizon

Published On December 23, 2020

By: Emily Barson

Horizon skyline

Like many of you, we at United States of Care experienced unprecedented challenges in 2020. And, like many of you, we see hope on the horizon.

We are hopeful that as we turn the corner to 2021 – as our health care heroes begin to get the first COVID-19 vaccinations – we can return to a sense of normalcy over the next 12 months. This winter will be tough – dark and harrowing as the pandemic continues to take the lives of our loved ones and devastate our economy – as we all await the vaccine.

As we look past this immediate worldwide emergency, we know it isn’t enough to simply “get through the crisis” and go back to the health care system we have. Our health care system must emerge stronger, better serving ourselves and our loved ones.

As I look back on this harrowing year, I am reflecting on the calls I made in March to close our offices, and to refocus United States of Care into an organization-wide effort, marshalling our expertise and network to support COVID-19 response efforts, developing resources, partnerships, and recommendations to address people’s needs. Like our whole country, we had no clue what we were going up against, but we knew we had to do everything we could.

As we come up on the close of 2020, and finally have hope on the horizon, I’m eager for United States of Care to focus our efforts on building a better, more equitable health care system in the wake of COVID-19.

Thank you for your support and partnership through an incredibly difficult year, and looking forward to a healthy 2021.