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Feb 1 Webinar: State-Based Solutions For Connecting People to Mental Health Care & Addiction Recovery Services

Published On February 2, 2021

In partnership with Well Being Trust, and with advice from members of our Founder’s Council, United States of Care offered a series of state-level policy recommendations focused on improving mental health and substance use disorder care delivery. These action items for state leaders touch on the needs across broad populations–including workers, students, and incarcerated people, among other community members.

In this Healing The Nation Webinar, we’re hoping to briefly emphasize the importance and time-sensitive nature of this work, and then have a conversation about solutions for state policymakers. Ultimately, we intend to hone in on priorities and successful political pathways for passing mental health care legislation that centers youth needs and enforces parity.

We hope that our audience comes away from the webinar with some of the weight of the need–and a renewed sense of what’s possible at the state level, given the right stakeholders, narrative, and leadership.

Key Takeaways:

“I think that 10 years ago, talking about mental health, people just wouldn’t have talked about it. It was something that other families deal with and not something that their family deals with. It hadn’t really come into the mainstream yet. But this pandemic brought it to every family. And I think it’s something that’s easier for everyone to talk about now.” Christina Corieri – Senior Policy Advisor, AZ Governor’s Office

“If we’re serious about a redesign, one that has mental health at the center, we must do more alongside our youth, have them at the table with us as we begin to make decisions on what that next generation system is going to be. If we don’t have in the table, what we do is we run the risk of creating something that’s not in response to their needs.” Ben Miller, PsyD – Chief Strategy Officer, Well Being Trust

“We recognize that as this last year has shown us, whether it was the protests that were calls for justice, whether it’s the the the glaring inequities in COVID-19, and its impact on our communities, and what many of our families are saying today, we’re looking for calls for justice, and the calls for health justice, are intertwined with the calls for racial justice.” Mayra E. Alvarez – CEO, The Children’s Partnership

Emily Barson – Executive Director, USofCare

Mayra E. Alvarez – CEO, The Children’s Partnership
Christina Corieri – Senior Policy Advisor, AZ Governor’s Office
Ben Miller, PsyD – Chief Strategy Officer, Well Being Trust


View the webinar transcript.