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COVID-19, Federal Efforts

Summary of US of Care’s Comprehensive Congressional Proposal for COVID-19

Published On March 23, 2020

United States of Care has delivered to Congress and policymakers across the country a 5-point plan to aid in the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those recommendations include:

  1. Support front-line medical workers and treat them as a protected class for the duration of the declaration of the federal and state emergencies. This will open federal resources, including for them to be paid a monthly $5,000 for their service.
  2. Knowing the best way to flatten the curve is for people to socially distance and stay home, we advocate for providing Americans the financial wherewithal to withstand extended isolation and job loss.
  3. One of our core principles is no American should be financially devastated due to a health care event. Those Americans needing medical care for COVID-19 should not incur large medical bills and therefore Congress should provide financial support for states, hospitals, community health centers, and other health care institutions as well as individual financial protections against surprise billing and other large out of pocket costs.
  4. Protect the most vulnerable Americans from COVID-19: people with underlying chronic medical conditions, those living in close quarters or otherwise unable to practice social distancing, and seniors–especially those in nursing homes.
  5. Put the full resources of the entire nation to their maximum use to respond to pressing medical and public health infrastructure needs.

For more detail, please see the entire United States of Care COVID-19 Policy Agenda.