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United States of Care Supports Colorado’s Section 1332 Waiver Amendment to Support Colorado Option Implementation

Published On February 8, 2022

Washington, DC — United States of Care last week submitted a comment in support of Colorado’s application to amend its existing Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services State Innovation Waiver (often called a ‘1332 waiver’) to further implement the Colorado Option. Policies like the Colorado Option — and other state public health insurance options — are widely supported by people from every demographic and can drive down the cost of health care, shrink uninsurance rates, and reduce disparities for individuals and families.

“Our research consistently shows that cost is the single most important issue that people face, and that our country’s leaders need to take steps to address this problem. We strongly urge the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to approve Colorado’s waiver amendment. It is a critical component of successful implementation of the Colorado Option, which aims to provide affordable coverage and advance health equity for Coloradans,” said USofCare CEO and co-founder Natalie Davis.

In its comments, United States of Care, a nonpartisan nonprofit, pointed to how the Colorado Option will serve to reduce health disparities and advance equity in the state, along with its ability to promote affordability and choice and the law’s investments in outreach and enrollment. The Colorado Option also should be applauded for its precedent-setting approach to developing provider networks that are culturally responsive and, reflect the diversity of their enrollees in terms of race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

In a state with unsustainable costs, the Colorado option will bring needed relief. If this waiver is approved, the Colorado Option will provide a new affordable, standardized, and accessible health care option for people and families throughout the state beginning in 2023. The Colorado Option is also notable for its impact on small businesses, which will now be able to provide more affordable coverage options to their employees.

“Across the country, people have a desire for a health system that works when, where, and how they need it – at an affordable cost. Our people-centered research has identified that Colorado is no different. Across all demographics, people identify common problems within their health care system including cost and ability to get care,” continued Davis.

United States of Care envisions a better, more equitable, accessible, and affordable health care system that is centered on people’s needs. Only by putting the needs of people at the center of research and policy solutions can we ensure that the policies we create and champion work for people.

The submitted comment letter can be read here. More details on the Colorado Option are available here. 

About United States of Care

United States of Care is a nonpartisan organization committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.