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Mental Health, Press Release

United States of Care Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

Published On May 1, 2019

Washington, DC – Today, United States of Care issued the following statement recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month:

“United States of Care is renewing our commitment to promoting policy solutions that ensure people with behavioral health conditions can access affordable care,” said United States of Care Senior Director of Policy, Kristin Wikelius. “Mental health is an issue that affects everyone, yet our health care system continues to treat behavioral health as a specialty service. Although the law requires that all insurance plans include coverage for behavioral health, high deductibles, narrow networks, and a fragmented delivery system prevent people from accessing necessary care. As a result, just 50 percent of people with behavioral health conditions receive treatment,” continued Wikelius.

“United States of Care will continue to support states in developing sustainable policy solutions that improve access to affordable health care and treat behavioral health as a crucial, integrated part of our health care system. For example, we strongly encourage states to take steps to increase the affordability of mental health treatment, enforce mental health parity laws, and simplify the claims process so families will not unfairly be denied coverage.”