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United States of Care Provides Testimony to Colorado House Health and Insurance Committee in Support of Legislation to Restrict Hospital Facility Fees

Published On March 28, 2023

On Friday, March 24, United States of Care’s (USofCare) Policy Manager, Eric Waskowicz, delivered testimony before the Colorado House Health and Insurance Committee in support of HB23-1215, legislation introduced by Representatives Emily Sirota and Andrew Boesenecker, that would protect patients from unexpected medical costs caused by hospital facility fees.

Our listening work and public opinion research have shown that affordability continues to top the list of people’s health care concerns. Colorado ranks tenth highest in the nation in terms of patients’ hospital costs, and unexpected medical bills to cover hospitals’ “facility fees” have pushed these costs even higher, forcing some to delay or forego medical care entirely. What’s more, these fees don’t guarantee any additional quality of care compared to identical services offered at an independent clinic with no facility fees. 

HB23-1215 would place commonsense limits on hospitals’ ability to charge facility fees for certain services, including preventive services, primary care, and telehealth. The bill would also require providers to notify a patient about any facility fee prior to point of service and prepare a study to quantify the effects of facility fees on patients, hospitals, and others.

Following the testimony of Eric and others, the Committee voted to advance HB23-1215 and moved to the House Committee on Appropriations. We applaud the House Health and Insurance Committee for recognizing the importance of protecting patients from unexpected medical costs caused by hospital facility fees and look forward to working with the bill’s sponsors and others to ensure it becomes law.