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COVID-19, State Efforts

State Support Response

Published On March 22, 2020

USofCare is structuring our COVID response work around several core areas:

  • Creating and scaling smart solutions. Creating policy menus and ideas for consideration at state, federal, and institutional levels. Sharing best practices, policies, messaging, and innovative approaches to scale quickly to other areas.
  • Connecter. Bring people and solutions together to tackle hard problems. “Matchmaking” between supply (of expertise, models, or literal operational supplies) and demand (requests/needs from states, feds, stakeholders.)
  • Amplify. Amplify and communicate public health needs/ directives to political and business leaders, and the public at large. Specifically, we are supporting the #stayhome campaign.

We are available to partner with you to solve challenges, develop solutions and provide access to our experts and Founder’s Council. Email us at [email protected] and let’s discuss how we can collaborate.