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May 20 Tele-Briefing: State Legislative Recommendations to Address COVID-19

Published On May 21, 2020

United States of Care recently released a CALL TO ACTION: State Legislative Recommendations to Address COVID-19. We know that this pandemic will lead to changes in nearly every aspect of American life, and people are rightly concerned about keeping themselves and their families safe.

On Wednesday, May 20, we hosted a related tele-briefing on state recommendations, State Action to Respond to COVID-19, featuring:

  • Charlie Dent, Senior Policy Advisor, DLA Piper, Former Congressman from Pennsylvania, USofCare Founder’s Council Member
  • Lan Sena, Albuquerque City Council Member, USofCare Founder’s Council Member
  • Joanna Dornfeld, USofCare Senior Director of State Affairs
  • Liz Hagan, USofCare Director of Policy, State Engagements shares

Please enjoy the discussion regarding our call to action and the policy options available to lawmakers that should be considered this year to support an effective response to the pandemic.

Let us know how USofCare can support your work – whether that be providing policy and technical support, stakeholder engagement, communications and messaging or other strategic support.