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USofCare – Minnesota Health Care Policy Resource Guide

Published On September 18, 2018

By: Emily Barson

Minnesota faces important policy issues in both the long-term and immediate future. USofCare is pleased to announce its Minnesota Health Care Policy Resource Guide, which will serve as a resource for current and potential policymakers, both state and federal, to familiarize themselves with the evolving health care landscape in the state.

In our Health Care Policy Resource Guide, we lay out a health care to-do list for Minnesota, addressing:

Immediate Needs

  • Addressing Minnesota’s approaching funding cliff

2019 Health Care Priorities

  • Modernizing access to patient information
  • Making prescription drugs more affordable
  • The future of Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Long-Term Priorities

  • Addressing substance abuse and mental health needs
  • Accessing care in our rural communities
  • Addressing the states’ overall health inequities