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Press Release

New Initiative Sets Ambitious Goal to Change Health Care Policy Using the Power of People and their Personal Experience

Published On November 20, 2019

Washington, D.C. – Today, United States of Care (USofCare) introduced Real People. Real Talk. during their second annual convening in Washington, D.C. One of several new innovations recently launched by USofCare, Real People. Real Talk. will challenge the current politics-driven approach to making policy by putting people at the center. By listening to communities across the country, USofCare will develop people-centered policy priorities; by understanding people’s needs, language and emotions, Real People. Real Talk. will create an avenue where people and lawmakers can work together to create health care legislation that works for everyone. Along with the recently introduced Building Blocks of Health Reform, Real People. Real Talk. intends to change to how health care policy is developed in America. 

As part of USofCare’s unique approach to solving the challenges of health care, Real People. Real Talk. seeks to:

  • Listen to the needs of people across the country and amplify the needs, stories and lived-experiences – without the political rhetoric – to shape public policy. Real People. Real Talk. will use a variety of research tools and unique public engagement approaches to listen deeply, and without preconceptions. 
  • Empower people by ensuring their voices are at the table to create responsive and politically durable health policies.
  • Generate responsive public policy by sharing USofCare’s findings broadly, helping bridge the divide between everyday conversations and policy speak. By providing state and federal lawmakers with real people’s needs, stories and insights, USofCare is equipping them with the resources needed to reform the health system centered on people.

“We are ready to take on the status quo of how policy is crafted by highlighting areas where people agree on what works and what needs to change, shifting the national narrative to show that reform is possible,” said Natalie Davis, USofCare co-founder and Senior Public Engagement Director. “As we meet with people from across the country, we’re told how excited they are to help create a positive vision for health reform focused on our common needs. Our team is ready for the challenge before us and I’m very excited about the potential to reform our health care system based on the needs of people.”

A key element of the initiative is the recently launched Voices of Real Life, a collection of people from across the country who will guide USofCare’s work with Real People, Real Talk. Members of Voices of Real Life will also play an active role by hosting “Community Conversations” in cities and towns across the country, providing people with real-time opportunities to share their health care stories, needs and policy recommendations. In order to share their perspectives, USofCare offers a variety of platforms to make their voices heard. In addition to participating in Community Conversations, people can visit USofCare via Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to post or upload their personal stories.