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Health Care Costs, State Efforts

June 30 Virtual Event : How It Happened: An Inside Look at States’ 2021 Major Affordability Laws

Published On July 6, 2021

Healthcare affordability continues to stand at the forefront of Healthcare Disparities and Inequities, amongst many. In this virtual event, USofCare State External Affairs and Partnerships Director, Erin Huppert, leads a reflecting, engaging, and informative discussion surrounding policies and laws that bring relief concerning care costs and insurance. Following an opening message from Board Member Anita Pramoda, the conversation provides insight on Healthcare legislation, including the Nevada Public Option Bill (SB 420) and the Colorado Option Bill (HB 1232). 


Erin Huppert, State External Affairs and Partnerships Director, USofCare


Anita Pramoda, Board Member, USofCare


Sen. Nicole J. Cannizzaro, Nevada Senate Majority Leader, Co-Prime Sponsor of Nevada SB 420

Rep. Iman Jodeh, Co-Prime Sponsor of Colorado HB 1232

Rep. Dylan Roberts, Co-Prime Sponsor of Colorado HB 1232

Sue Birch, Director of Washington State Healthcare Authority.

Resources : Updates on Nevada’s Passage of the Public Option , State Success Story: Colorado’s Milestone Health Care Affordability Law