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What Can Your Foundation Learn From the Health Care Experiences of More Than 4,000 People?

Published On June 6, 2023

At United States of Care, we believe that in order to have a health care system where everyone can access quality affordable health care, we must start by listening to people and include them at every step of change. To date, we have initiated more than 4,000 in-depth engagements with people in all 50 states to learn about their experiences with health care, good and bad. We continue to center people, especially those underserved by the system, while engaging our cross-sector networks of leaders to work on solutions that make health care work better for everyone.

The resources below provide a snapshot of what we are learning and where we plan to go deeper.  

How You May Benefit from United States of Care’s Ongoing People-Centered Research

1. Start a conversation so we can learn more about your specific interests and tailor recommendations to your needs. Send any questions or an introduction to James Tatum, Director of Institutional Philanthropy, at [email protected]

2. Sign up for United States of Care’s newsletter for regular updates from our people-centered listening research and policy innovation.

3. Review actionable findings from our research below. Learn more about how we Listen to People.

Actionable Findings From Our Research

  • Listening to Informal Caregivers: United States of Care interviewed three caregivers with different experiences to better understand the diverse needs of informal caregivers and how that might inform policy.