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December 16 Webinar: Understanding People’s Needs to Build a Better, More Equitable Health Care System

Published On December 18, 2020

Over the past year and a half, USofCare has undertaken a variety of research efforts to better understand the shared and diverse needs and experiences of people in order to drive policy change. As part of that initiative, USofCare commissioned a post-election, national survey of 1,000 registered voters to learn more about Americans’ needs and wants in the health care system, and to begin to shift the dynamic away from partisan political debates that divide us and toward the areas in which we agree.

In the webinar, we take a deep dive into the last year of listening work, our quantitative findings from our recent national survey, and provide a call to action to policymakers on improving the health care system to meet people’s shared needs.

Natalie Davis – Managing Director, Public Engagement, USofCare

Molly Murphy – Partner, ALG Research
Venice Haynes, PhD – Director of Research & Community Engagement, USofCare

Some key takeaways from the panel are:

  • “The Covid-19 pandemic reach has reshaped Americans’ views of the system, underscoring that people want a reliable system that supports essential workers, cares for everyone, provides reliable information on how to stay safe and healthy.”
  • “Building that better, more equitable healthcare system, almost universal agreement. 84% overall, are saying they agree with that. And over half say they strongly agree. But there is no group in this entire electorate that disagrees with that statement, or even as divided.”
  • “Why we started the United States with care was to center all of this change around the needs of people to show where common ground and common sense reform is possible.”

Additional Resources:

View the webinar transcript.