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Our Mission

The mission of United States of Care is to ensure that every single American has access to quality, affordable health care regardless of health status, social need, or income.

A non-partisan non-profit, we are building and mobilizing a movement to achieve long-lasting solutions that make health care better for everyone. United States of Care will help make it happen by working with Americans from across the country: patients and caregivers, advocates, physicians and other clinicians, policymakers, and business, civic, and religious leaders.

We must change the conversation and create a new narrative that puts health care over politics by redefining the goal in human, not political terms, and supporting a positive, practical, and lasting approach.

United States of Care’s principles are:

  • Affordable Source of Care: Every American should have an affordable regular source of care for themselves and their families
  • Protection from Financial Devastation: All Americans should be protected from financial devastation because of illness or injury
  • Political and Economic Viability: Policies to achieve these aims must be fiscally responsible and win the political support needed to ensure long-term stability

Our Work

United States of Care will gather and support the best ideas that achieve these aims — instead of being defined by a single specific policy solution or the defense of prior policies.

United States of Care will focus on:

  • Harnessing On-the-Ground Learning: Listening to personal stories and local experts and harnessing public opinion to shape policies that reflect the hopes and concerns of the majority of Americans who don’t want to be without the care they need.
  • Providing Policy Support: Providing resources and actionable approaches to state and federal policymakers, drawing on a wide range of expertise, facilitating stakeholder engagement, and connecting the dots between the interests of citizens and their elected representatives.
  • Developing New Ideas: Identifying and developing new solutions that make progress toward the principles of expanding access to affordable care.
  • Driving Real Change that improves the health and well being of Americans now and on a lasting basis.

We are a leading resource for effective solutions to expand access to care for Americans.  We work directly with policymakers and experts in states to build support from the public, develop best practice approaches, and aim to shift our national culture to create lasting change.


We are proud to share our first annual report: Toward a Healthy Future

Real change will take all of us working together. Join us today.