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is a new movement to ensure that every single American has access to quality, affordable health care regardless of health status, social need, or income.

As a country, we can only realize that goal if we have the will to overcome partisan politics and work together to develop solutions that are fair, practical, and address the underlying affordability of health care.

We all agree there are challenges:

27% of American families have delayed accessing health care because of concerns about cost

Kaiser Family Foundation

28 million Americans have no health coverage

National Center for Health Statistics

4 in 10 adults with insurance say they have trouble affording their deductible

Kaiser Family Foundation

It’s time to create a system that’s better for everyone. We have to start working now if we’re going to be ready to seize the moment in the coming years to enact lasting policies that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

A diverse group of Americans has put politics aside and come together to launch United States of Care.